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What is Staging?

Staging is a term used to describe the detailed preparation of your home into a house to be sold. By having your home professionally staged by a certified home stager, it allows for the space to go through the de-personalization of your home to prepare it for a house for sale.
The staging process can range from something as simple as re-arranging existing furniture, to more detailed and thorough changes such as a whole home furnishing, or re-furnishing, painting, repairing, and redecorating.
For each space, the need and work for staging varies, however the end purpose is the same…to sell the house as fast as possible for the best price possible.

At Altona Design, we pride ourselves in working within the homeowners budget to prepare the property for a quick and fast sale!

Benefits of staging:

Staged homes have been known to sell much faster and often for higher prices than comparable homes that have not been similarly prepared for sale.
When selling your home, you will greatly increase your chances of getting the highest price.
A home that has been staged is attractive to buyers because staging shows your home to its full advantage.

Staging a home maximizes the attractive features, and minimizes (not hiding) its quirks.

At Altona Design, we give careful consideration to your potential buyer. We will create a staged home that targets your buyer specifically. It is essential to create an atmosphere that will be desirable to your market.

Investors: Staging will help you maximize your profit whether you’re doing a flip or selling a property you’ve been holding onto for a while. Staging is a small expense that helps to increase your profit.
Staged houses sell on average faster than non-staged homes. By having your property staged, you are able to help sell your house faster than to wait around for a buyer.

Homeowners: It is no surprise that selling your home can be difficult and stressful. By having your home professionally staged by a certified home stager, home staging can help you walk away with more money and a quicker sale.

Agents: Call us to polish up or do a thorough evaluation of any of your listings. Altona Design offers a special “tuck and fold” package to tweak a property ready for listing but not requiring a complete staging service. Please contact us for details.


Top Ten Reasons You Should Professionally Stage Your Home

  • Your house will sell faster which = more money and less headache and stress

  • The cost of staging doesn’t cost a dime

  • Most home sellers cannot view their house objectively

  • Your online photos will stand-out amongst the competition

  • Only 10% of Home Buyers can visualize the potential of a home

  • The longer your home is on the market, the lower the price will be, so STAGE FIRST!

  • Less guesswork and “Do-It-Yourself”

  • Leaving your house in “AS IS” condition will only help sell the competition

  • You will make more money

  • You can relax!!